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Payson, AZ is located about 2 hours drive from Phoenix and offers pine trees and cool temps with endless hiking and camping opportunities. At an altitude of 5,000 feet, it's a great place to escape the heat of the valley and experience some of Arizona's most scenic hiking, camping and hiking trails. My husband and I went on our first day trip to Payson last weekend with a group of friends and family from Arizona State University.

For more information on how your family can enjoy this program, visit the Arizona Game and Fish website. The creek also offers a variety of water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, fishing and rafting.

There are many different hiking trails and you have a variety of hiking opportunities to choose from. If you choose the Horton Creek Trail, you can see the waterfall from the top of the hill, while the Kelsey Springs and Dorsey Trails run around the creek, giving you great views of both the waterfalls and a variety of other wildlife.

To return to the resort, take I-40 West, first to Winslow and then left onto Forest Road 300 for a scenic 25 mile drive that takes about two hours. To reach this beautiful viewpoint, turn right onto Highway 260 and follow it east toward Payson. The views alone are incredible, but if you're heading to P Grayson and Mogollon Rock, you should see the views from the top of the mountain and the view of Ponce de Leon.

You can walk down to Pine Creek, walk along several paths, enjoy the picnic area and walk past the parking lot of the AZ Trail to walk around. Gogo, go for a walk, eat something good, visit one of the many museums in the city or visit a casino.

So save some money, go out and explore the fantastic water streams and hiking trails and enjoy the campsites scattered around. Spend a day exploring the Tonto National Forest and becoming one with nature as you trek the 3.5-mile AZ Trail, one of Arizona's most popular hiking trails that runs through the heart of Payson. This 3 - 5 mile long trail is great because you can reach the water before you have even finished the hike.

With the lovely mild weather in Payson, you can enjoy Green Valley Park, located just blocks from the Tonto National Forest in the heart of the city.

Camping in Payson has its own challenges, but there are many great places to camp in nearby Mogollon Rim. Our favorite campsite is the Tonto National Forest, just a few blocks from Green Valley Park, and you can camp there for free.

Payson offers some of the state's rugged views, and the best way to experience the landscape is to wander through it. There are a number of trails that are neither too intense nor too long, but there is a nice 75 mile walk that takes you to the foot of the natural bridge. Bebe did a 2.5 mile hike where you have to climb boulders and trees, as well as a short hike to a waterfall.

There is a short hike to Fossil Creek that climbs from Camp Verde, but the drive to the parking lot is preferred by 4x4 drivers. Turn left at the entrance to the South Rim onto Highway 180 and drive approximately 48 miles to I-40 in Flagstaff. Follow the signs below and below until you turn left onto H Highway 3, then right onto the south side of the highway and right onto the north lane. There are a number of hiking trails, as well as a few short walks to fossil stream.

Green Valley Park is located about 1.5 km from the entrance to the southern edge of Camp Verde and about 1.5 km south of the parking lot. Take Highway 87 in Payson, turn left on Main Street, then turn right on H Highway 3 and drive approximately 12 miles to I-40 in Flagstaff. Turn right and travel on the north side of H Highway 3 for approximately 4 miles and then continue south on H - Highway 2 until you are approximately 1 / 1 mile at the end of the main roads. Follow Main Street in P Grayson back to Green Valley Park and turn left onto Main Avenue and right onto Green Valley Road.

On the way you will drive through some of Arizona's most beautiful and classic landscapes. There are many off-the-beaten track adventures in this part of Arizona, and this trip will certainly remain unforgettable.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll find a list of fun and affordable activities in Payson, as well as some good tips to make your trip even more magical. While this list contains many of the city's highlights, there are many other great things you can do. From the best things to do at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park to the best restaurants in the area and many more to help you enjoy this jewel in Arizona.

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More About Payson