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Without a visit to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, one of the most beautiful museums in the country, no visit to Payson would be complete. This piece of southwest paradise offers a unique blend of history, art, culture and history of Arizona and the southwest.

Sightseeing is a popular pastime on the Rim, but it also offers some of the state's best hiking, biking, camping and even boating facilities. Green Valley Park is popular with locals and visitors alike, offering a variety of hiking trails, picnic areas, waterfalls and other outdoor activities.

Of course, Payson has its share of indoor activities, but one of the main reasons residents and visitors love the city is the miles of breathtaking scenery that surrounds it. We have the magnificent Grand Canyon that closes our northwest corner, and our unique geography also allows us access to some of Arizona's most beautiful and scenic mountain ranges, as well as a variety of scenic lakes and rivers.

Arizona's Tonto National Forest spans rugged and spectacularly beautiful land, from the Saguaro cactus - a peppered desert - to the pine-forested mountains of the Mogollon Rim. The best way to experience this landscape is to hike it, and Payson offers the roughest and most beautiful views in the state. If you're lucky enough to call P Grayson at home, you can guarantee that the prospect of "Mogoll on the Rim" will take your breath away. This waterhole is tucked away in Payson, Arizona, at the foot of Mogollson Rim, just a few miles north of downtown.

The Mogollon Rim, which includes Payson, is home to one of Arizona's most popular fishermen in the state, and though it doesn't look like it, shallow oceans bounded 100 feet deep. It is still the oldest school building in Arizona and, like most of Arizona, is secured by the Arizona State Museum of Natural History (which is still open for guided tours from May to mid-October).

The Payson Pioneer Cemetery Board, part of the P Grayson Woman's Club, is owned and held in trust by the Arizona State Museum of Natural History. The museum has a large collection of local areas, known for their locally made pottery, ceramics and other arts.

N is located in the heart of the award-winning Green Valley Park, built on the historic site. The museum's exhibits include the Payson Museum of Natural History, Arizona State Museum and the National Park Service. Perhaps the most fascinating and instructive trail is the Waterwheel Waterfall Trail, named after the Depression - a mining bike from the era, which is not far from the trail. Visit these places in P Grayson, but visit them all and see for yourself.

State Route 87 (Beeline Highway) leads 140 km southwest from Phoenix to Phoenix and you are in the heart of Payson, just a few miles south of downtown. To reach this beautiful viewpoint, turn left onto Forest Road 300 and follow Highway 260 until you reach it eastbound at P Grayson. Follow Historic Main Street to its east end and find your way to the National Park Service Waterwheel Waterfall Trail.

With the delightfully mild weather in Payson, you can enjoy Green Valley Park, located just a few miles south of downtown on the west side of Green River Road. Children can run on a 17-acre lawn while relaxing in the warm Arizona sun. The Northern Gila County Historical Society operates the Zane Grey Cabin at the corner of South Green Parkway and South Main Street. The office on the South Green Valley Parkway in Payson is operated by a nearby, verifiable company and offers a wonderful view of early life in Arizona.

Visitors can stroll through the almost 200 rooms of the impressive Salado complex. The museum houses exhibits, artifacts, photographs and memorabilia that trace the history of the city of Payson and its inhabitants from the late 19th century to the mid-19th century. It has the largest collection of artifacts in the collection of the Northern Gila County Historical Society and houses more than 1,000 artifacts and photographs.

The National Park Service offers a 20-minute tour, led by rangers through the room that was Zane Grey's study and office. The Zanes Grey section offers many interesting objects, including a large collection of books about him, as well as photographs and photographs of his life and work. It features a special exhibition on the history of Pioneer Arizona and its pioneering history in Arizona. This is the story of a historic building and the lengths that Pioneer and Arizona took to preserve and restore it.

With artifacts that focus on the prehistory and history of the city, this gem is a must see - see for yourself who visits it. Activities in Payson include visits to the Pioneer Arizona Museum, Arizona Historical Society and American Museum of Natural History.

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More About Payson