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Arizona State University is located in Tempe, but this friendly city south of Phoenix is bustling. The claim to fame is Arizona State College of Law, the largest public university in Arizona, and it might as well be in Tempe.

With dozens of national and state parks, including the Grand Canyon, and hundreds of cities, Arizona's landscapes are as diverse as they are beautiful. Located far from the Phoenix metropolitan area, North-Central Arizona offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States and offers a place to explore, both off and off. From the White Mountains, featured in the TV show "American Horror Story," to the Arizona State Capitol, northern Arizona offers countless ways to excite the mind and pamper the soul. Whether you are looking for a fresh break with fresh snow in winter or a warm summer day in summer, there is something new to discover for visitors.

Whether your passion is nature, nature, history or entertainment, Payson has all of this and more to offer.

Activities in Payson include visits to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Arizona State University and Phoenix Zoo. My favourite camping is the Ponsford Campground, just a few miles south of the city centre and a short drive from the airport.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Payson, you can't go wrong with a day trip, as there are so many great places to stay for a few days. But I wanted to try another adventure, so I drove the ATV and explored the forest and dirt roads of Father Grayson. You can hike several trails, enjoy picnic areas, go down to Pine Creek and drive to Green Valley Park for hiking and biking, or enjoy one of the many trails where the green can prevail, such as the Green River Trail or Red Rock Trail.

The South Green Valley Parkway office in Payson is operated by a nearby, verifiable company and offers a wonderful view of early Arizona life. Travelers looking for a dog-friendly place to eat in Payson can head to Dog Park, a popular dog-friendly restaurant in the city.

The hatchery produces and farms several trout, including Arizona's state fish, the Apache trout. It also offers a variety of other fish species, such as redfish, bluefish and whitefish. The breeding grounds offer a wide range of fish species for sale as well as a number of special events and events.

Forget swimsuits when visiting Natural Springs and the Fossil Creek National Wildlife Refuge, where a combination of natural waterfalls, wetlands and a variety of other natural features creates the perfect climate for fun in the sun. Whether you want to splash in natural springs or in the fossil creek, Central Arizona is a playground. When Arizona heats up, don't forget the wet and wild, especially if it's hot enough to swim.

Sedona is a must see, with its rich red sandstone hills towering over the city and densely wooded gorges known for their colorful rock formations. This plateau, which crosses four states, is home to some of the steepest slopes that criss-cross much of Arizona, and it is petrified. The color extends down to the Colorado River, a popular tourist attraction in the state's capital.

From Mogollon you can drive to Payson, an hour's drive from Sedona or an hour - and a half drive from Phoenix - and you can ride a horse or boat. The view alone is incredible, but drive a few more miles before turning around and taking a drive or hike to the top of the Mongolian edge. From there, head north on Interstate 10, another 200 miles along the Mogoll on the Rim, which stretches for more than 200 miles through central Arizona.

Follow Main Street in Payson back to Green Valley Park, then turn left at the entrance to the South Rim onto Highway 180 and follow the signs. Turn left on Hway 3, drive approximately 48 miles to I-40 in Flagstaff, turn right and pass under it, following the sign, and enjoy scenic views of the Mogoll on the edge of the National Park and Great Basin National Park. From there, head north on Interstate 10 for approximately 40 miles until you turn and head south on Highway 180, which ends at its entrance.

In fine, mild weather in Payson, you can enjoy Green Valley Park, located on the southern edge of Great Basin National Park and Mogoll south of the city of Pison, Arizona.

Payson offers some of the state's rugged views, and the best way to experience the landscape is to wander through it. The 3.5 km long trail is great because you can reach water before you have even finished the hike. At just 1.6 miles, this great path leads to a fantastic swimming hole, but it is also a great place for hiking.

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More About Payson